Art Toronto

by Pam Johnston November 15, 2018 2 Comments

Art Toronto

Toronto has a huge art scene, full of museums, galleries and cultural centers. Here we introduce you to local artists that love to capture the beauty and diversity of Toronto. From up and coming to well-established, you should know who these 10 artists are!


Stefan Galvanek Art Toronto

Stefan Galvanek

Stefan Galvanek is a well-known Torontonian artist. He is a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, founded in 1872, which is the oldest art society in Upper Canada. He teaches drawing, acrylic and oil painting at George Brown College in Toronto and at Canadore College in Parry Sound. He is also the owner of the Stefan Galvanek Fine Art School and Studio in Toronto.



Tyleen Li Art Toronto

Tyleen Li

Originally from Vancouver, Tyleen Li has lived all over Canada but now happily lives in Toronto. She mostly uses watercolours but loves to experiment with other mediums. She loves to create urban sketches of buildings and landmarks throughout Canada. You can buy her artwork online or at the Leslieville Artsmarket (where you can find us too!)


Hanna Kostanski Art Toronto

Hanna Kostanski

Hanna Kostanski was born in Poland, grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and now calls Toronto her home. She likes to paint photos of historic Toronto. Her work can be found in dozens of private and public collections throughout Toronto and Hamilton.


Kenneth Kirsch Art Toronto

Kenneth Kirsch

Working with acrylic on stretched canvas, Kenneth Kirsch is a fine artist devoted to painting everyday life in Canada. As a native Torontonian, his artwork depicts historic landmarks and streetcars. He has received several awards such as the "Top Ten" honours at the prestigious Canadian McMichael Collections 2015 Annual Autumn Art Show.


Amara Strand Art Toronto

Amara Strand

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Amara Strand is now based in Toronto. She has an educational background in interior design, as well as her own studio, which focuses on original paintings, stationery design and accessories that feature her watercolor paintings. Her aim is to get people connected to the cities and nature that they are surrounded by. She also has been a correspondent for Toronto Urban Sketchers.


Natalie Lake Art Toronto

Natalie Lake

Natalie Lake is an art director and graphic designer living in Toronto, Ontario. Her portfolio includes anything from selling toys to kids to coffee to adults, but we prefer her graphic designs of Toronto neighbourhoods!


Tanya Harrison

Tanya Harrison

Tanya Harrison is a fine art landscape and contemporary portrait photographer based out of both Toronto and Seattle. She’s got a variety of cameras from DSLRs to 33mm film cameras to an old Hasselblad 500c medium format film camera. She is also a planetary scientist specializing in Mars! Pretty cool!


Ken Yuen Art Toronto

Ken Yuen

Ken Yuen has been drawing watercolours of Toronto for the last few years. His inspirations comes from a variety of things, but are usually based in nature. He has created postcards for charity, was a blog correspondent for Toronto Urban Sketchers (like Amara Strand) and recently completed a project for The Sketchbook Project.

Studio 324 Art Toronto


Studio324 is a family based design studio, founded by Kunal also known as The First Born, who is the lead behind the studio. Then there’s The Cool Dad, a retired diplomat and self taught artist who is in charge of the medium and styles of the hand drawn illustrations. And finally there’s The Odd Ball, who is a graphic designer. When the Studio moved to Toronto, they felt inspired by all of Toronto’s architectural gems and created a series of sketches dedicated to them called The Blue Prints. Currently, they are crowdsourcing a book full of prints of Toronto. Help support them!


Kathleen McGuire Art Toronto

Kathleen McGuire

When Kathleen McGuire first moved to Toronto, she did a lot of wandering around, noticing all the architecture, the lights and the people. From the photos that she took, she rediscovered the world of painting, something she had not done since high school. We’re so happy that she has got back into this passion of hers!


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Pam Johnston
Pam Johnston


2 Responses

Hanna Kostanski
Hanna Kostanski

December 12, 2018

Thank you so much for the feature, I’m so honoured!! I’m such a fan of yours!

Kenneth Kirsch
Kenneth Kirsch

December 12, 2018

Thank you for the feature in your blog David!
You should also be on this list, at the very top! 👍🎨

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