Special Gifts for People Who Love Toronto

by Pam Johnston February 10, 2018

Special Gifts for People Who Love Toronto

If you are travelling around Canada, you can send postcards that might quickly be thrown in the recycling bin. Instead, why not bring home special gifts representing the places you saw or visited? Your tokens of esteem can be treasured for years to come.

If you (or someone you care about) loves Toronto and wants to remember a visit (or their favourite landmark or neighbourhood),  they can have a unique item for their home, apartment or dorm room. Give gifts that will be remembered, including symbols to thank people for their service, or personalized holiday cards and calendars.

  • Perfect for all occasions - Whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, birth announcements, or another special gift, people who love Canada or Toronto will love a cover with artwork from a local artist depicting important landmarks (or sentimental locations for lovers or former residents.

  • Unique gifts - When you provide a print, card, pillow, or tote bag depicting a beautiful painting of a significant place, the gift recipient will be thrilled. Choose a location that means something to someone. They’ll save and display that gift for many years to come.

  • The personal connection - If you have a number of items to recognize valued employees or clients, customized gifts are a great option. With a special order, you can add your brand name and/or logo to something like a calendar (or small artwork). If you require a special commissioned artwork of your place of business (or another significant space) an artist can create that for you for gifts and commemorative honours. Artists who specialize in corporation commemorative gifts can help.

  • Contact an artist in your area and see if they can provide commissioned work for special events or various customized gift items. Why give something that will ultimately be donated or re-gifted? Give a gift that will be appreciated and adored.

    David Crighton Art offers a wide range of gift options with beautiful illustrations and paintings of scenes on pillows, mugs, tee shirts, and mini-framed prints. Gift recipients are always impressed with the personal nature of these souvenirs and contributions. Please call us at (416) 414-6426 or send an email to learn more about David Crighton products and commissioned art.

    Pam Johnston
    Pam Johnston


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