Holiday Tree with St. Lawrence Market Christmas Wall Art from Poster Store Toronto
November 05, 2023

Cards for the Holidays & Seasonal Essentials

Celebrating the Holidays with David Crighton Art

The holiday season is upon us, and it's time to wrap our thoughts in the warm embrace of gift-giving and heartfelt connections. This year, why not choose a different approach to gifting? Let's celebrate the magic of nostalgia and the power of cherished memories with iconic Toronto landmarks. At Totally Toronto Art, we've curated an array of delightful stocking stuffers and gifts that not only spread joy but also evoke the beauty of our beloved city.

Nostalgic Note Cards & Christmas Cards

Greeting Card Stores Toronto - Sam The Record Man Card

As the snowflakes fall and you gather with loved ones, there's something heartwarming about sharing handwritten notes. Our note cards, adorned with Toronto hot spots and landmarks, are not just stationery pieces; they're portals to precious memories. Imagine sending a holiday message with a backdrop of the CN Tower, the storefront of Sam The Record Man or the Distillery District – it's like sending a slice of Toronto's soul to your loved ones, no matter where they are. Want to see the look and feel of our cards for yourself? Stop by Caribou Gifts and check out the selection they carry! 

Landmark Christmas Card Box Sets

St. Lawrence Christmas Market - Christmas Card Box Set

There's something genuinely magical about receiving a beautifully designed Christmas card that instantly transports you back to the hustle and bustle of Christmas in Toronto. Our collection of holiday cards is like a journey through the city's most cherished places. Whether it's the stunning beauty of the skyline or the busy charm of St. Lawrence Market, our cards let you share the city's splendour with friends and family, near and far. Next time you visit the St. Lawrence Market, be sure to stop into Caribou GiftsAnything Goes Accessories and Midoco Art and Office Supplies (all locations) for all your Totally Toronto Art Christmas card needs!

Captivating Stocking Stuffers

Winter's Night Scene on Fridge Magnet - Magnetic Fridge Magnets

Our collection of small yet meaningful gifts is the perfect way to make the holidays unforgettable. From eye-catching magnets that add a touch of Toronto's charm to your home to postcards that whisk you away to your favourite local spots, these stocking stuffers capture the essence of our vibrant city. Whether you're a proud Torontonian or a visitor who's fallen in love with this remarkable place, these tiny treasures are a great way to relive the memories of your time here.

Cozy Coffee Mugs

White Mug With Jet Fuel Coffee - Starbuck Coffee Mug

These mugs don't just keep your favorite beverages warm; they also bring a touch of Toronto's charm and the allure and the comfort of iconic coffee shops with the Tim Hortons Mug and Starbucks Mug! Choose any print from our extensive collection of toronto mugs to create a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift that's sure to warm the hearts of your loved ones. Each sip becomes a delightful journey, a shared memory, and a reminder of the special moments we hold dear. Whether it's a cozy morning coffee or a soothing evening tea, our mugs are there to make every cup a celebration of the places and experiences you adore.

Perfect Posters In Toronto 

There’s something for everyone when it comes to our timeless posters. Almost every nook and cranny of Toronto has been captured and illustrated brilliantly by David Crighton. With a variety of shapes and sizes available in our Toronto poster shop, each image carefully captures a snapshot in time and makes a great gift. Visit Artisans (The Beaches) or Spacing Store in Toronto to see the beautiful colours and quality of these posters in person!

If Wall Art with a larger and more polished presence is what you’re after this season, our entire collection of posters and prints can be turned into beautiful canvas framed or glass framed pieces! Customized Wall Art is also available so be sure to check out this blog highlighting Why Personalized Artwork Is a More Meaningful Gift for those thinking about something more personalized this holiday season.

Colourful Calendars

Toronto Art Calendar - 2024 Toronto Streetcar Calendar

The new year will be here before we know it and in the chaotic world we live in today, a little organization goes a long way! The Totally Toronto Art  2024 Landmark and Streetcar wall calendars are the perfect gift for this time of year! Each has a beautiful 16 month display with a wide range of illustrations with a compact size of 8” x 9”. The best part about these calendars is once the year is through, you’ll have a collection of prints you can frame and display in your home or office. Be sure to pop by these popular stationery stores in Toronto: the Spacing Store or Caribou Gifts - to pick one up in person!

Terrific Toronto Tote Bags 

Econo Tote Bag with My Toronto Print David Crighton Art

When it comes to thoughtful and practical gifts for the holiday season, our canvas tote bags are a top contender. These versatile gems are not just bags; they're everyday companions that add ease and style to any outing. Whether you're heading to the grocery store, the library, or even a weekend getaway, our econo-tote bags come to the rescue. Made from durable and eco-friendly materials, they're designed to handle life's adventures while making a fashion statement! Visit Evergreen Garden Market at the Brickworks or explore our selection and make your holiday season extra special with the gift of versatile, eco-friendly canvas tote bags.  Spacing Store and Anything Goes has quite a selection of our Totes for you to pick up at their location

Making Memories Last

This holiday season, as we gather with our loved ones, let's wrap up the magic of nostalgia and memories. Whether you're filling stockings or sending heartfelt greetings, our collection of small gifts and landmark-inspired cards is here to make your celebrations truly unforgettable. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Toronto and the cherished moments that have become a part of our story. 

Looking for something specific in one of your fav shops? Be sure to check out our Stockist page here to see which retailers carry specific Totally Toronto Art products!