Firesale Art!


Totally Toronto Art is 100% committed to doing our best to make sure that your time-sensitive gifts are received by your deadline.  Sometimes that means we have to reprint an artwork and send it to you because the original order seems to have gotten lost.  Often, these items turn up the day AFTER we delivered the replacement and they come back to my home...where I have NO ROOM for them.  These two HUGE artworks now live in my bedroom in the original shipping packages that they were sent in.  LOL


These are two of our most popular artworks

Below are the two artworks concerned.  If you would like to buy them, simply click on the image and it will take you directly to the correct artwork.  Use the discount codes provided for each individual artwork.   

Choose the pickup option, if you can pickup at 1 Scott St 24/7.  Otherwise they will be sent expedited Canada Post

(Don't worry, they are SUPER well packaged.  We haven't had any artwork arrive damaged in 8 years!)

 Toronto Skyline Glass Framed 38" X 14"
To Buy The SKYLINE use Discount Code: Toronto Skyline Firesale
 Brand New My Toronto Canvas Wrap - 30" X 30"


To buy My Toronto, Canvas Wrap - 30" X 30" use DISCOUNT CODE: My Toronto Firesale


Taxes and shipping are extra.

Still in their original packaging ready for pickup or shipment.

 Still in the original shipping packaging!