What Is The CN Tower Famous For?

by Pamela Johnston January 03, 2022

What Is The CN Tower Famous For?

What Is The CN Tower Famous For?

One of the most celebrated and recognizable things in Canada is the CN Tower. Being a highlight in the Toronto skyline, the CN Tower reaches an incredible 553.33m which is 1,815 feet and 5 inches. It is a must-see location for anyone who is visiting Toronto and boasts incredible and breathtaking views from its height. It is no wonder that 1.5 million people come to visit the tower every year to check out the phenomenal views for themselves.

When the CN tower was constructed it took a very long 40 months of construction to complete and was opened to the public in 1976. It was an architectural wonder and was becoming one of the most celebrated landmarks in the country. It is a renowned tourist destination even to this day. Because of all the hard work, effort and love that went into building this in 1995, the CN tower was rightfully given the classification as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. This was given by the American Society of Civil Engineers. This wonder of the world shares its incredible stature with the likes of the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Itaipu Dam which is on the Brazil and Paraguay border. 

David Crighton is a Toronto folk hero who has amazing artwork showing vintage landmarks and neighbourhood artwork and is a master of the cityscape. He has a legendary portfolio in art and has been creating incredible pieces for 50 years. He has wall art, home decor as well as personal gifts which are featured at Totally Toronto Art.    Here you will find a wide selection of art work products by this celebrated artist.including our Toronto CN Tower Collection. There is a souvenir or gift just for you across all price points.  These products are available for pick up at our convenient downtown location.  We are also able to ship anywhere in the world.

The Thrill-Seeking Edge Walk

There are so many amazing things that the CN Tower has to offer and for which it has become famous. In 2011, for example, it introduced EdgeWalk. This is the world's highest full-circle, hands-free walk. You walk on a 5 ft wide ledge that encircles the top of the CN Towers main pod. This is 356m or 1168 feet above the ground. If you are an adrenalin chaser this is certainly something you’ll want to experience.

Implementation Of A Cinema

If you aren’t much of a thrill seeker there are other options at the CN Tower to suit you. There is a high definition 3D theatre and is one of the most advanced technical venues in the country. It can be used for private and public screenings and even for your presentations. It has all the bells and whistles with a cutting-edge, high definition digital cinema projector and sound system. So you will really feel blown away by how incredible it is. 

Glass Floor In The Elevator

In 2008, the CN Tower introduced another first for North America. This time, they installed a glass floor and panelled elevator, making it the world's highest one. If you are afraid of heights, this one probably isn’t for you but it adds a new thrilling perspective from the glass-fronted elevators by now being able to look straight down 346m.

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Our products are available for pick up at our convenient downtown location.  We are also able to ship anywhere in the world.Totally Toronto Art  - has a wide selection of Toronto historic and neighbourhood landmarks at every price point.  

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