About Us

We believe people aspire to feel a sense of community and create bonds that fill their spirit when they connect with the places they live and work
How we support this is by engaging artists to capture the essence of their city through pieces that celebrate the institutions, buildings, and icons that define the character of these communities
What we do is make it possible for people living, working, or visiting our cities to give and receive products that connect them with their city.
We help people connect to their hearts through gifts of Toronto memories.

Hi, I'm Pamela Johnston, Owner of Totally Toronto Art (you can call me Pam)! 

Pamela Johnston, Owner, Totally Toronto Art
I met David at a party in 2012 and immediately recognized his artwork, and, sharing an interest in music, we started playing music in bars around the city with me on bass, David on acoustic guitar. All of the music was about harmony and collaboration. As an artist, David is a well-known brand throughout the city, and his art appeals to a broad population. I had a hunch that an online e-commerce business that would make his art accessible to a broader audience would be a success. And so it has been!


Each product is all about where people live and the iconic places that we love. The joy that I bring to people day in and day out, providing them with unique and personalized gifts to surprise their loved ones, keeps me pumped every day.

It brings me joy to provide high quality products to shops that share the nostalgia of our neighbourhood! Our gift products showcase the unique charm and personality of Toronto through images of the businesses and communities that have shaped our city.