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5 Reasons Why Corporate Gifting Is a Good Idea

As the saying goes, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So whether the recipient of your corporate gifting is a young employee or a long-time client of the company, it can do things for your company that an unlimited marketing budget never could.

However, when you Google “corporate gifts”, millions of results can come up, leaving you stumped. So how do you know if you leaving a positive impact on your brand? Rather than giving a forgettable “token”, you need something special to build a relationship with the recipient.

Here are 5 reasons why corporate gifting is a good idea:

Boost Employee Morale

A company is nothing without its employees. Whether you are a start up with a team of three out of coworking space or manage a large corporation of thousands of employees with offices nationwide, you want to thank your employees so that they feel appreciated. It doesn’t just have to be during the holidays either. It can be meaningful to workers to receive a gift after a particularly successful year or to commemorate a special occasion. Gift giving goes the extra mile in telling them that you value the hard work they have put in. It’s a morale booster that can make all the difference in the overall workplace attitude.

Promote Brand Image

Giving a gift to a customer shows appreciation and makes you memorable. Every time they refer to your gift, it enables them to remember the great products and/or services you’ve provided. When it’s personalized with your contact details, they will also know better about how to reach you.

New entrepreneurs should especially take advantage of fun and useful promotional corporate gifts to create a buzz and build a lasting impressions.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

By strengthening relationships, corporate gifting can provide an excellent return-on-investment. It’s a bit like a “drip campaign” in which companies keep in touch with their customers via email or snail mail to nurture the relationship and encourage future business. Every time someone looks at your gift, especially when it has meaningful artwork behind it, they will think fondly of your business. Happy feelings increase consumer loyalty.

Increase Leads

Corporate gifts can be used as incentives to capture email addresses and contact information from potential clients/customers. You can also use these gifts as incentive to inspire someone to sign up for a free trial of your services.

Cost-Effective Advertising Method

Corporate gifts can be effective tools to promote your business without spending too much money. Because a quality gift is used and displayed, the cost per impression is small compared to other advertising tools that merely end up “in the bin.”
Now that you know why corporate is so great, are you stumped for great gift ideas? You’re not alone! Skip the tired and cheap corporate gifts and go the extra mile by giving them a piece of artwork that will be treasured for years to come!Here are some popular corporate gift ideas from David Crighton:

Toronto Gift Basket

corporate gifting

This gift basket contains 1 current calendar, 6 linen notecards, 2 historic site fridge magnets, 1 set of historic site coasters and a coffee mug. It can be customized to feature the products most relevant to the recipient. 

2019 Calendar

calendars for corporate gifting

corporate gifting calendar

Our calendars can be customized for promotional use. We currently have two versions available for 2019: the Streetcars edition and Toronto Attractions edition.

 Personalized Artwork

personalized artwork corporate gifting

All artwork on the David Crighton website can be personalized. Check out our selection!

Please call David Crighton Art at (416) 414-6423 or send us an email at sales@davidcrighton.com to learn more about our corporate gifts that you can use for branding and promotional purposes.

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