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One of a Kind | Toronto Artist, David Crighton

David was born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1953. His father was an Anglican Minister, and together with his wife, they raised four children. As a child, David was always drawing and colouring, primarily cartoons. His siblings also had an incredible aptitude for artistic endeavours.

David wasn't a particularly great student. So it was suggested to him in Grade 10 that he attend a trade school. The one he chose was Central Technical School. In addition, "Central Tech" just happened to offer one of the best Fine Art curriculums in the city. So his training and immersion in the world of art was the start of something big!

Pen & Ink drawing launched artists career

During his time at Central Tech, the teacher gave the class many assignments. But there was one assignment that stood out for David. The teacher asked his students to find a building and draw it. David's drawing below was the catalyst for his 50-year career as a successful artist.

Victorian Townhouse drawn by David Crighton, 1972 
David drew a Victorian townhouse that he discovered in Yorkville. His aunt fell in love with this charming illustration, and the light bulb went on for David when she offered to buy it from him.


After David graduated, he worked briefly for an ad agency but found the structure required to stay in that industry more than his free spirit could tolerate. So he took a leap of faith and invested himself 100% in making a life as an artist!
Toronto Artist, David Crighton, 1973


He became a founding artist at The One of a Kind Show in Toronto and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, CNE Show and many more. His art is recognized by many Torontonians simply because it's everywhere, as is his entertaining personality. Totally Toronto Art's customers LOVE to tell the stories of David at all of these events. He and his wife Laura worked diligently throughout the year to create a diverse inventory of art prints, posters, notecards, magnets, and other unique gifts of his talent. His booth at these shows was voted the most popular booth on more than one occasion.

Totally Toronto Art hopes to be an extension of David and Laura's hard work over these many years.  We seek to bring the treasured images he has created over the years to citizens of Toronto, near and far.  We offer many product types and are happy to work with you to create the perfect gift for your special situation.

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