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Toronto Artist David Crighton:Notes in the Night:Toronto Jazz Clubs 1946-2010

The Market Gallery, St. Lawrence Market Group show is titled Notes in the Night: Toronto Jazz Clubs 1946 – 2010, and runs from March 3 – June 23, 2018.

The Market Gallery
South St. Lawrence Market
Second Floor
95 Front St. East
M5E 1C2
Open from 10:00 - 4:00 pm
Tuesday thru Saturday


The display will explore the history of Toronto's jazz clubs through archival photographs, club ephemera, artifacts and moving images.

Come see Toronto Artist David Crighton's "Jazz" art in a new exhibit on Toronto jazz clubs with guest curator Ralph Coram.  
The following six art works of David's will be on display and a price list will be available at the Gallery but is attached below as well.
George's Spaghetti House.  Toronto Jazz Clug - Moe Kaufman, Ed Bickert The Rex Hotel, Toronto Jazz Club.  Toronto Gift David Crighton  The Bamboo, Toronto. Queen St. West Hot Spot Custom Art Toronto

The Rex Hotel

 The Bamboo Club

The Pilot Tavern, Yorkville, Toronto Artist David Crighton
The Senator Jazz Bistro, Toronto Posters
The Brunswich House, Oldest Bar Toronto David Crighton
                               The Senator
 The Brunswick House

Market Gallery Show Catelogue

David's Comments about the artwork
George's Spaghetti House I had a friend who lived near Georges so we'd often go there for a reasonably priced dinner and I remember it was often Moe Kauffman on stage. He was superb as was the food and beer. Ed Bickert was another performer I liked as I was and still am a guitar player too... nowhere near his stature of course. I never did meet anyone there named "George" :)

The Rex. This place has been a fixture on Queen West forever and I finally got around to adding it to my jazz collection when it was upgraded to hip hotel much like the Drake. I had some fun with the drawing adding the King and Queen on the sidewalk: Rex is another word for King of course. Anyway, as usual I just walked into the club one afternoon with a framed print, met the owner and his son who were more than happy to hang it up immediately and insisted that I stay for lunch. I always like it when I go to places and see my artwork on the wall, so I do drop by the Rex for a look and a lunchtime jazz fix, usually Saturday afternoon when Danny Marks holds "Court" indeed !

The Bamboo.I only went here once for an evening event and it was wild. This illustration is interesting to me as it doesn't actually show the club itself, just the mural outside. I love the design and colours and must give credit to the artist: Barbara Klunder.

The Pilot.Tavern This place was well known as an artist's hangout in the 1970's. Senior artists like Gordon Rayner and Graham Coughtry, abstract expressionists who showed at a gallery around the corner on Yonge Street. Both of those artists were my teachers at Art's Sake which I attended in 1975. I never had the chance to have a beer with them in the Pilot but I've been there a few times for musical performances.

The Senator Jazz Bistro I had previously done my illustration of Sam the Record Man and his son happened to own the Senator so he got the bright idea that I should do a painting of his club. I particularly enjoyed adding that mural into the artwork and it hung in the restaurant downstairs for years where I saw it and mentioned it to the waiters who always said people liked my take on whole subject. Great room upstairs and the steak was superb and music classic jazz.

Albert's Hall/Brunswick House.When I was attending the Central Technical Art School back in the early 1970's my classmates and I went to the "Brunny" to celebrate special occasions like birthdays or graduation. It was usually just after a regular school day so the joint wasn't exactly jazzin' it up but I do have fond memories of the place which is why years late when I made this artwork, I had a feel for the place and it shows in the artwork.


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