What is Toronto Known For?

by Pamela Johnston June 04, 2022

What is Toronto Known For?

Toronto is mainly known around the world for being a giant Canadian metropolis. It’s the area of the country that most people recognize and many people assume is the capital. Of course, Ottawa takes that particular prize. It’s a beautiful city that is famous for its marvelous CN tower, diversity, sporting achievements, artistic scene and competitive universities.


 Toronto CN Tower | Totally Toronto Art

In such a gigantic country filled with amazing things, Toronto stands out as one of the most prestigious and attractive. There are so many points to talk about when it comes to Toronto’s fame, but here are a few of the main aspects the place is known for:




For Canadians, Toronto is well known for all kinds of shopping and the experience you can have in those centers. The Toronto Eaton Centre is highly famous for being the busiest mall in all of North America – that’s how you know you have found a place for great shopping. So many people walk through the mall each and every day. Even if you’re just window shopping, you’re going to go away having a fun and unique adventure. Yorkville, for instance, is known for smaller high-end boutiques and niche brands. 




For students, finding the right University is pretty important and it is a high priority for them to find the perfect spot, surroundings, and degree. Toronto has a few of the world's leading learning opportunities that budding graduates look at whenever they seek out the right place. The University of Toronto is right near the top of the list when it comes to quality and consistency. It caters to all kinds of students with all kinds of interests. York University is the third-largest in the whole of Canada, and Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) is known as Canada’s largest business school. 


The Iconic Skyline


If you don’t immediately think of the wonderful view of the Toronto skyline, then you probably haven’t seen it before. It’s one of the most famous and iconic pieces of scenery on the planet. The CN Tower, for example, will make for something that is memorable and really pleasing to the eye. So much so that plenty of local Toronto artists will use it as inspiration when creating pieces. The art that has been created using areas of the city is yet another famous aspect of the area. 


The Markets 


Locals who know Toronto well will likely be seen in Kensington Market’s eclectic mix of shops, bars, and cafes. There are many, many grocers around for people to indulge in, and there are always people relaxing in the neighborhood’s Bellevue Square Park. St Lawrence Market is another example of a market that brings in plenty of people. An aesthetically pleasing area and top-quality stores make it somewhere one has to visit. 

 Kensington Market Toronto Throw Pillow  | Totally Toronto Art Pillows


The Film Festival 


The Toronto International Film Festival is a big event in the world of film – but also for those residing in the local area. Acclaimed actors, audiences, and directors are invited and thousands of esteemed individuals are brought here. It’s something that brings people together and gives them something to look forward to each year.

Pamela Johnston
Pamela Johnston


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