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Where Can I Buy Art In Toronto?

Where Can I Buy Art In Toronto?


Toronto has long been an artistic hub. It contains some of the most impressive art galleries in North America and has spawned many influential artists ranging from Jack Bush and Doris McCarthy. It has also become a popular location for artists to sell their work - buyers from far and wide come to Toronto to support the burgeoning local art scene and to purchase international art.

So, where can I buy art in Toronto? If you’re eager to buy some art, there are plenty of places to look. This post lists some of the most established and most affordable places to buy art in Toronto.


Totally Toronto Art


Totally Toronto Art is an online store based out of 1 Scott St. It features exclusive work from cityscape artist, David Crighton. If you’re looking for art that captures the spirit of Toronto, look no further than Totally Toronto Art. Crighton’s retro prints are colorful and charming and feature various landmarks across the city that are certain to evoke memories for anyone who has spent time in The 6ix. You can buy his work framed or unframed, as a poster or printed onto souvenirs like coffee mugs and mouse pads. Limited inventory on site that is available for pickup.  Call ahead to see samples of canvas and glass framed artwork


Canvas Gallery


This art gallery is located on 344 Westmoreland Avenue and features a constantly changing inventory of about 1,200 original works. Pieces include paintings, works on paper, photography and various mixed media. They are primarily the works of emerging Canadian artists - the gallery has helped to discover a lot of new talent and is popular among visitors who are interested in up-and-coming art. Many of the works in the gallery are for sale. While some of the works here can fetch high prices, you’ll find pieces here that are well under $1000.


Eye Buy Art


Eye Buy Art is a Toronto art retailer that specializes in curating works from rising stars in the Toronto art scene. The store is entirely online - while you may not be able to browse the works in person, it does mean that anyone around the world has access to these works. One of the best things about Eye Buy Art is that you can often pick up exceptional works of art for a low price, largely because you’re buying from emerging artists who haven’t hit the spotlight yet. Pieces typically range between $100 and $2500.


Arta Gallery

Arta Gallery is an established Canadian art gallery nestled in the heart of Toronto’s Historic Distillery District. This important cultural and artistic centre in Toronto has been home to us since it was established in 2003. 

Arta offers the opportunity to purchase art, sculpture, arts and craft as well as the option to rent art.  They are dedicated to fostering creativity within a hyper-diverse space and promoting the beauty of art in our everyday lives. Since 2003, they provide an accessible space for artists to showcase their artworks within the Toronto community, offering an eclectic collection of contemporary work by both Canadian and international artists.


Art Bomb

 Installation by Eye Buy Art at Ritz Carlton Hotel Toronto

Where can I buy art in Toronto for cheap at auction? Look no further than Art Bomb. This is an online art auction site dedicated solely to works by Canadian artists. When you sign up to Art Bomb’s mailing list, you get a daily email containing the work of the day, which you can then choose to bid on. Occasionally, there will be expensive works up for auction, however for the most part they are affordable - many of the works are priced well under $500. Even if you never bid on any of the pieces, Art Bomb’s mailing list could be a great way of exposing you to new Canadian artists.




Wondereur is another online marketplace dedicated to art. You’ll find works for sale here from all around the world, however the majority of the works are from Canadian artists. The platform is supported by the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Canadian Film Centre. Works are selected by high-end curators. There is some very expensive art for sale on this platform, but you can find more affordable works here too from emerging Canadian artists. You can use their website to browse their work or you can download their app.


The Black Cat


This art store is located on 2186 Dundas Street West.  It serves as both a gallery and store, hosting themed exhibitions from time to time. It was founded by photographer Andrew Williamson - while many of the works are photography, you’ll find a range of other mediums displayed here too. Much of the works are from up-and-coming Canadian artists and they tend to be priced fairly low, making a great place for everyday art lovers to shop.


Hashtag Gallery


Launched in 2012, Hashtag Gallery aims to support local emerging artists while also being accessible to new art buyers. Go to the gallery’s website and you’ll find three price sections: ‘Under $100’, ‘$100 to $1000’ and ‘$1000+’ - this makes it very easy to stick to a budget when shopping for art. The website also allows you to search by artist and has lots of information on each artist. Hashtag Gallery also has a physical location on 801 Dundas Street West.


Art Interiors


This gallery and store is located on 446 Spadina Rd. It was established in 1993 and is targeted at customers looking to decorate the interior of their home with art. The store sells art in a variety of mediums, supporting many small and emerging Canadian artists. There are many works for sale here under $500. The inventory is huge - you can check out some of the works on their site. The company takes a very simple approach to selling art and their support for local artists is strong.




Waddington’s has been auctioning fine art and luxury goods since 1850. While it may have a reputation for being high-end, not all of the pieces up for auction here are expensive. Go to the auction house’s website and take part in one of their monthly online art auctions - pieces regularly sell for less than $1000 here. Waddington’s sells old and new works in a variety of mediums.


The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition


The Toronto Outdoor art exhibition is held every year and hosts some of the best art in Toronto from upcoming local artists. It typically takes place in July in Nathan Phillips Square. Pieces can vary in price, but you can typically find art here for less than $500. It can also be a chance to speak to many of the newest artists and curators, allowing you to really get to know each piece. It’s a great day out if you’re an avid art lover living in Toronto.



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