Sassy City Studio

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"Introduce a nostalgic line of stationery, home decor and small gift items with your city as the star"

Everybody likes to remember places where they have lived, laughed, and loved. Our landmark cityscape product line captures famous landmarks that easily identify New York, Chicago, or New Orleans. In addition, our charming streetscapes capture the heart and soul of fast disappearing neighborhoods - the shops, businesses, and movie theatres - that are the lifeblood of the community. All our images are created by celebrated cityscape artist David Crighton who has enjoyed 50 years of bringing joy worldwide!

Does your gift shop, gift basket shop, or event planning company cater to clients from many different cities? If so, adding our unique line of curated cityscape art stationery and personal gifts could add just the right touch! All of our products carry a hint of nostalgia and whimsy! How cute would a gift pack of Chicago Notecards be in your gift baskets or a Hollywood notebook look in your LA gift shop?

Come see our lineup of stationery, home decor, gift basket and gifts for all occasions with your city as the star!

PS We can make special signage for your "city-centric" collection that celebrates these unique products in your store!

Totally Local Art Inc., the parent company of Totally Toronto Art and Sassy City Studio, was founded in Jan 2014.