Toronto Wall Art

Purchase Toronto wall art and posters featuring art prints by artist David Crighton at our online shop.   Our store specializes in stationery and personalized gifts including pillows, custom mugs, posters and a huge catalogue of University of Toronto images.

This collection includes two styles of 'ready to hang' framed art in the product listing: 

                      - glass framed art print (giclee)  and

                      - canvas framed.

                      - unframed art prints (giclee) are available here

Use the drop-down boxes to make your selection of style - glass framed art print (giclee)  or framed canvas print.    

Glass Framed - add 3" on all sides of the print size for the mat and the frame to arrive at the finished framed art size.  

Canvas Framed - add 1.50" on all sides of the print size to arrive at the final finished framed art size.

For further information visit our FAQ Page.