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Top 5 Gifts For The Holidays

Wall Art: 

Wall art makes an excellent gift for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and retirement gifts. For example, maybe your son or daughter is graduating from college in Chicago, or you were married at Casa Loma in Toronto. 

 Chicago Wall Art | Chicago Art Print | Chicago Landmarks | The Bean


Choosing an artwork that celebrates shared memories is a beautiful way to celebrate the joy and love that is so important in our relationships. Art prints and posters of a city you live in, a vacation spot, or a landmark that brings back memories of good times, make unique gifts that are sure to be appreciated and cement a bond between the giver and the receiver.


Posters are a very affordable gift and allow you to stretch your gift budget to include more than one poster or to buy a frame. You can find suitable frames at your local craft store, Walmart , or IKEA.  You might have great success find unique frames at garage sales. Tips like these make it super easy and inexpensive to design a series of images around a theme that tells the story you want to tell, otherwise known as a Gallery Wall.  

Gallery walls are lovely conversation pieces in your home. Popular themes for these groupings of photos, posters or other framable articles are: 

  • family pictures,
  • cities you have visited,
  • photographs you have taken on your travels 
  • historic landmarks or popular venues in your city or
  • theatre, movie and entertainment posters you have collected


 BMO Field Toronto Poster | Phantom of the Opera Theatre Poster

    Have some fun with this! Include some "found" objects on your gallery wall. For example, if you have tickets to a concert that was the highlight of your life, frame them and hang them on the wall. i.e. tickets to the "Prince" concert I took my son to when he was 16. You can even hang a clock in the middle of the group or other neat objects. The point is that a gallery wall can include anything you want it to!  

    Good luck creating a unique focus for your living, hallway or staircase.

    Decorative Throw Pillows: 

    Decorative throw pillows are a great way to add a touch of fun to your home decor.  You can go as muted or bold as you like. Play around with colour and texture and vary the sizes and shapes to create the vibe you want for your home style. You can buy decorative pillows with all kinds of designs ranging from geometric patterns, solid colours that are either neutral or bold and images such as flowers or city landmarks. Many places will also create custom pillows using a logo you provide or design a pillow with a quote you love, your home address or your children's name. Consider buying custom outdoor pillows for your deck at the cottage or in the cockpit of your boat! Design blogs like Spruce can help you understand your style and what you want to achieve.

    Coronation Street Pillow | Corrie Throw Pillow | Coronation Street Gifts

    Fridge Magnets:

    Start a conversation! Who doesn't love a magnet-covered fridge? They are great conversation starters.  They offer us an opportunity to share ourselves or get to know other people better just by asking about their collection.  We can communicate all the stories of connection to things and places we have lived, laughed at, and loved with these cute fridge displays.


     Massey Hall Fridge Magnet | Toronto Skyline Fridge Magnet | Toronto Fridge Magnets

    These objects have both decorative and practical uses. You have undoubtedly experienced the grocery list attached to the fridge with a magnet. But magnets are so much more! I always feel warm and fuzzy when I enter a home with magnets on its fridge - they are great conversation starters. You can find popular souvenirs in many stores during a vacation. Most popular gift shops offer an assortment of magnets that cover as wide a range of subjects as there are colours in the world. Images on the fridge magnets excite one's emotions bringing to mind a story, a moment in time, a funny statement, a meme, a seasonal theme, and so much more. And they make great seasonal gifts and stocking stuffers!

    Coffee Mugs: 

    Lastly, what would any special occasion or holiday be without the ever-popular coffee mug gift?

    Finding the right mug for your intended recipient is the key here. Consider an artsy version of Tim Horton's or Starbucks mugs. Finding a coffee cup with that perfect quote is another sure way to make an impression! In today's day and age, it's easy to have a custom mug made just for you!  

    Starbucks Coffee Mug | Tim Horton's Coffee Mug | Canada Coffee Mug

    I hope this blog has triggered some ideas for your around your special occasion or holiday shopping.  

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