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Henry's Variety Toronto Poster

Totally Toronto Art


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Henry's Variety, located in The Junction, is a great example of Totally Toronto Art in Toronto that could be anywhere!  All over North America there are local convenience stores just like Henry's that have proudly served their communities for decades.  And all over North America this businesses are fast disappearing as their owners retire and progress takes over.  

The city of ​Toronto​ is recognized all over the globe for its diverse set of attractions. This artwork depicts one of Toronto's most popular landmarks, created by Toronto-based artist, ​David Crighton​ ​. If you’re a Toronto native or visitor, a trip to this market is sure to be on your list of things to do in Toronto.

Toronto Poster Art

If you’re looking for posters of Toronto landmarks and neighbourhoods to create a rad art wall then check out the many illustrations created by artist David Crighton! He's the guy who creates all those colourful and charming artworks we see all over the city. He's best known for his cool cityscape prints and urban art. Our poster sizes work great with store bought frames from Michaels!

Our Products are:

Digitally printed on poster-weight paper

  • Bright and vivid colours

  • 10‚Äù X 13‚Äù and 11‚Äù X 14‚Äùships flat in a sturdy mailing envelope

  • Independently made in Toronto, Ontario

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Type: Poster

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